To better protect the market order of local food and health food, the authority of Jinzhou, Liaoning province joined efforts in cracking down on health food and general food sales fraud, and false advertisement.

Team work is highlighted in the campaign. Nine local government agencies, including the bureau of public security, commerce, culture and publicity, food and drug management, cyberspace office, import and export teamed up in this campaign, and conduct the campaign based on a work plan mapped out by the city government.

Nine districts and counties are all covered in this inspection. The media regulators were asked to inform the local consumers of the campaign and encourage contribution.

Executives of relevant companies in the industry would be summoned for talks to ask for self-discipline. So far, 183 companies were asked for talks.

Over 3000 inspectors were dispatched for this campaign, which inspect 11104 vendors, and set up 30 cases for further investigation. (Source:

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