The current cosmetics management regulation of China has been taken force for nearly 28 years, which was released by the original Ministry of Health.

Recently the second draft of the updated cosmetics regulation management has been released to gather opinion. The new version has shown some major changes.

The types of special cosmetics have been reduced from nine, which include sun screening, hair planting and deodorization to four. The extra five would be covered by the general cosmetics management.

Toothpaste and other dental cleaning products would not be included into products which need to register or put on record. These products can now claim to have effects like preventing dental plaque.

The national authority would also map out cosmetics catalogue based on the body part the product is used, the targeted user and product function etc.

The ingredient for cosmetic should also register or put on record for management, which will be conducted based on different categories.

The authority would also make a catalogue for ingredients which are banned from using. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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