In China’s health food market, direct sales contribute 40% of the total value.
According to sources familiar with the matter, the first state-backed report on public opinion monitor on direct sales report is ready.

The state Administration of Market Regulation designated the industry and commerce bureau of Chengdu to conduct the survey earlier this April.

The report has been sent to local authorities of 14 provinces including Beijing, Tianjin and Guangdong, by the state authority. The local regulators would take action towards illegal or suspected cases illustrated by the report.

In 2018, about 91 companies have been granted with the approval of direct sales, most of which are given to health food companies.

The report covers the recent development of direct sales in China, the sales volumes and corporate social responsibility conducted by these companies.
The state market regulator would release guidance and market regulations based on the report, which aims to promote the communications and academic research in the direct sales industry. (Source: Shuzheng Kangxun)

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