To better meet the demand from the central government on food safety and implement relevant regulations, a promotion event initiated by the food safety committee of the State Council was co-held by 40 national food industry association.

The event aimed to crack down sales fraud and false advertisement in the local food industry.

A communique with ten articles which reflected the objective was signed at the event. It urges the companies to better shoulder their responsibilities, monitor fraud and false advertisement, strengthen training of regulation and policy, and better answer suspicion over food safety by the public.

At the event, an official from China Food Industry Association introduced that the Association has been working closely with the authority regarding revising food label and ad regulation etc. An official from China Light Industry Association promised that the Association would firmly abide by the communiqué, and make contribution to the campaign.

The event also invited professor Li Keji with Peking University and Huang Xin, a vp from Meng Niu Group to address at the event. (Source:CNHFA)

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