Kingdomway recently said in a notice that that the company and KUC, its wholly-owned branch company, had signed agreement with KUC would buy 4.8% of iHerb’s shares at the price of 100 million dollar.

iHearb.Inc. is a global e-commerce platform, which was founded in California in November,15, 2001. The company has grown into the world’s largest online health food retailer of vitamin, mineral, VMS and personal care products. It sells over 1300 brands to 182 countries, and possess effective tax management and international sales experiences.

iHearb Inc. shows 11lanaguages on its platform and support 59 kinds of currency in payment. Asia contributes the most in the global sales of iHerb. DoctorsBest.Inc is also a major supplier of iHeab. Inc.

Kingdomway said in the notice that after the deal completes, iHerb will be form a stronger bond with the company’s overseas business system. iHerb’s sales and influence will help improve the company’s health food brand and discover new market opportunity. (Source: xw.qq)

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