China’s National Health Commission Recently announced the invalidation of two major guidance documents of health food.

One of the document was released by the Ministry of Health on the food test and assessment technique guidance, and the other one is about the Ministry releasing the document.

Thee relevant guidance has been effective for 14 years, and now is still in use in the local market, The guidance covers functional evaluation of 27 kinds of health food, toxicology evaluation of 18 kinds of health food, and test of functional ingredient of 27 kinds of food. In 2012 and 2014 respectively, the methods to test function and toxicology have been modified.

After the new food safety law was released, the CFDA started to gather public opinion on the assessment guidance over function assessment. Relevant researches were also launched.

So far, no new document has been released to replace the existing guidance. This means that the invalidation of the guidance would cause major influence over the industry.

Some industry people expect that there might be no standard assessment methods in function test, which means that companies have to figure out the methods by doing researches. (Source: Shuzheng Kangxun)

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