A consumer surnamed Li recenlty bought an enzyme diet product from an vendor on Taobao platform, which claims to be imported from Japan and sold at the price of over 4000 yuan. The vendor refused to show certificate of entry & exit inspection and quarantine. The product later were found to contain the element of ginkgo leaf.

The consumer sued to the local court for an ten-time compensation of the product’s price, which will be over 40,000 yuan. The local court of Suzhou’s verdict said that as the vendor did not show evidence that the product were bought overseas, and the relevant product failed to meet the national food safety standard.

Mr. Li said that the product were sent from Hunan province’s Xiangtan instead of from Japan, so the product should not be identified as product imported via a purchase agent, or “daigou” in Chinese. (Source: jnsb)

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