To better cracks down on illegal marketing campaigns and promotion of health food, the provincial food and drug regulator of Guangdong province released a guideline document regarding rewarding whistle blower of illegal marketing and conferences of health food in the province.

The guideline says that during the special campaign, whistle blowers will be rewarded with 1000 yuan, 500 yuan and 100 yuan respectively based on the specific situation. The whistle blowers should provide clear evidence or clue to the local regulators regarding illegal conducts of marketing by any health food vendors.

If the reported event has big social impact or involve high-value goods, the whistle blowers will be rewarded with another 10,000 yuan.

The local regulators have already started to reward whistle blowers. The guideline aims to enhance rewards as to encourage more consumers to report on illegal marketing conducts related to health food. (Source:

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