The concept store is aimed at Chinese personal shoppers, known as ‘Daigou’, in an attempt to cash in on the country’s spending powers.

Australia Post has opened a concept store in Sydney, designed exclusively for personal shoppers to buy products and ship to China.

Located in the Lower North Shore suburb of Chatswood, the store is stocked with items including baby formula, beauty products and health goods.

Baby formula is a particularly popular product with Chinese consumers, as many of them still distrust local brands, following an incident in 2008 when six children died from drinking Chinese formula laced with melamine, and a further 300,000 fell ill.

Australia Post has told SBS News the trial aims to gauge commercial interest from Chinese buyers.

“Australia Post opened a concept store this month to test customer demand for selected products to be sent to China,” a spokesperson said.

“This store is not a Post Office. It will sell a limited number of lines, such as health and beauty products, in conjunction with international freight options.”

The spokesperson also stressed the concept store is on a “limited trial and will operate in one location only”.

‘Daigou’ can earn thousands of dollars weekly by selling health and beauty items for buyers in China.

Many Daigou are Chinese international students who sell the products via social platforms such as Weibo and WeChat.

The store is located next to Chatswood’s Westfield Shopping Centre. One third of the Chatswood community is of Chinese ancestry.


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