On April 19, Reckitt Benckiser’s (RB) sub-brand MegaRed reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Tmall Global at Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou. The cooperation aims to develop a major health strategy in China. With the help of Alibaba’s big data advantage, MegaRed hopes to gain a deeper insight into health consumption trends in China and bring more quality and innovative health care products to Chinese consumers.

RB Health Global Cross Border Director Jignesh Budhdev, RB Cross-Border Brand Manager Spin Liu, Tmall Global Vice President Yiman, Tmall Global Healthcare Manager Yang Qiu, Tmall Global Healthcare Platform Manager Yue Lu all witnessed the cooperation together.

In 2016, Schiff and its sub-brands – MegaRed, Move Free, Digestive Advantage and Airborne – entered China’s market through TMall Global and have managed to successfully gain the trust of Chinese consumers.

The agreement, which was signed on Thursday, not only represents a close cooperation between Tmall Global and RB, but it also reflects the confidence in future collaborations.

Tmall Global Vice President Ms. Yiman (left), RB Health Global Cross Border Director Jignesh Budhdev (right) 

RB Health Global Cross Border Director Jignesh Budhdev indicates that with rapid economic growth, Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to health. They are becoming more concerned about health and they seek high-quality health products.

Tmall Global is leading the cross-border EC platform in China and is committed to delivering the highest quality of life to consumers. This aligns perfectly with the motto of RB Health: “Change the world by making people healthier and live better.” With this close partnership with Tmall Global on branding, marketing, new products and consumer experience, MegaRed intends to bring more high-quality products and a better consumer experience to Chinese consumers, as well as help them to maintain their cardiovascular health. With an increasing need for cardiovascular health products in China, fish oil supplement have become one of the top health products of Tmall Global.

Tmall Global Vice President Ms. Yiman says Tmall Global has many overseas brands but the selection process is very strict to ensure that all products offered to consumers are of good quality and reasonable price. In the past few years, the demand for overseas brands has increased among Chinese consumers. Therefore, more quality global brands have entered the Chinese market. Tmall Global has a strong ability to help new brands get into the Chinese market and to deliver these new products rapidly by using its precise communication strategy. Tmall Global hopes to help MegaRed achieve rapid growth in China’s market through this partnership, while also bringing consumers an extraordinary health experience.

The director of RB Cross-Border E-Commerce Brands Spin Liu introduced the brand history and product benefits about MegaRed. Liu also shared the achievement of RB with Tmall Global in 2017. RB had built a JBP strategic cooperation with Tmall Global last year, which is a good prerequisite for further exploration on the partnership with MegaRed in 2018.

MegaRed is a premium cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health brand from the US under RB. They focus on delivering krill oil and fish oil products that can be absorbed better. Their main supplements boast antioxidants and promote cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

RB hopes to set up a more in-depth partnership with Tmall global and bring MegaRed a bigger opportunity to present Chinese consumers with quality, safe and healthy products. (Source: That’s Shanghai)

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