According to official data, the market value of China’s health food reached 400 billion Yuan (approximately 62 billion USD) in 2017. China becomes the world’s biggest market for food of special use.

China has become an important component of the global health food supply chain in ingredient supply and product processing.

Over 16000 products have been approved to register in China in the past two decades. All the products have been upgraded amid the market competitions. The current dual track management system of registration and filing system will provide more energy for the market development. (Source: finance.china)


China’s “Health Food” market is made up of a very broad category of products many of which do not exist in other markets, for example alcoholic drinks that contain decocted herbs. So the 62 billion USD estimate can not be squarely compared with say the U.S. dietary supplement industry, which is sitting just over 40 billion USD. Because of the nature of the market and regulatory situation in China, it is quite difficult to get an accurate figure for products that would fit neatly into the category of “dietary supplements” or “nutritional supplements”. With that said, the association estimates the figure would be around 25 billion USD.

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