The association was founded in July of 2010 and has grown in pace with the expansion of China’s dietary supplement and nutrition industry.

Since the establishment of the association with founding members Jarrow Formulas and NSF International, the association has assisted eighty-four companies with their China endeavors.

Below are some of the highlights of the association’s activity over the past ten years:

  • Assisted 84 companies with their market entry endeavors to China
  • Revenue and membership continues to grow at an average of twenty percent
  • Translated over one hundred twenty five Chinese government documents and regulations for members
  • Published over 500 newsletters in both English and Chinese
  • Hosts two annual industry summits in Shanghai, China, “International Nutrition and Health Industry Summit” (June) and “International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit” (August). 
  • Hosts five annual educational seminars in Shanghai, China on the topics of Omega-3s, Probiotics and Sports Nutrition. 
  • Has agreements with the top expos in China such as Natural Health and Nutrition Expo, FIBO China Expo, SupplySide China, InterHealth and HNC FiChina. 
  • Established official “dietary supplement working group” with the U.S. Department of Commerce holding meetings in the U.S. Consulate Shanghai. 
  • 2018 launching “HPA Supply” to assist members with sourcing needs and promote those quality suppliers in China as well as produce reports on China’s ingredient industry. 
  • Over twenty thousand global followers on WeChat, LinkedIn and association news postings.

China’s dietary supplement and nutritional ingredient industry is growing fast and will soon be the largest market in the world. By some organization’s estimates, that has already happened. However, the industry is still developing with many hard to define areas to come up with an accurate estimate.

To show how important this industry is to China, we only need to look at the recent wave of acquisitions and investments of international companies by Chinese investors. Here’s just a few examples in no particular order:

If you are doing business in China or would like to, joining and supporting the association is a solid investment. It gives your company a trusted partner in China to assist with regulatory advocacy, consulting, market research, partner search, product approvals and registrations, networking opportunities, discounted and/or free booths at leading expos, introductions to leaders of cross border e-commerce, logistic solutions, assistance with marketing through association publications, sourcing assistance and much more. So don’t be left behind, join the largest group of international supplement and ingredient companies focused on China. Join Today! The association’s introduction deck can be viewed HERE or you can contact the association directly by emailing us at



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