The Consumers Association of Changchun recently released a report on the consumption of health food by the local elderly consumers.

The Association has conducted a survey on this topic among consumers who are above 60 years old in Changchun. The survey touches consumption habit, damages and need of interviewees. 6021 consumers were interviewed this time.

The survey shows that advertisement does not have strong influence over elderly consumers, who are more influenced by family members and friends.

42.8% of the interviewees said they were least satisfied with forced health food shopping by travel agency during vacation.

The survey also shows that most elderly consumers are well aware that health food cannot cure disease, and over 56% of them recognize false advertisement of health food when attending seminars or having free physical tests, and 34% of them said they were overpriced.

42.8% of the interviewees said they were caught by sales fraud when buying health food.

The Association urged the government to set up consumption conflict solution system to better serve elderly consumers, who are often targeted by illegal vendors to sell health food. (Source:

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