A seminar of food of special use was held in China’s Taizhou, Jiangsu province by China’s Nutrition and Health Food Association and European Union Chamber of Commerce in China.

The meeting aims to read into regulations and laws in Chinas special food industry, and promote the industry’s rapid development.

Over 400 participants from the government agencies, companies and academic institutions attended the meeting.

Bian Zhenjia, the chief of China’s Nutrition and Health Food Association, said that the value of China’s special food industry has exceeded 600 billion yuan, thanks to the rapid development of the economy and the promotion of healthy life.

Mr. Bian also said that the food safety law has clarified on the legal status of special food and provide policy support to the industry’s development.

Industry people pointed it out that the development trends of special food industry are as follows: first, health food will develop along strengthened laws. Secondly, the brand value of infant formula will be highlighted. Thirdly, the formula food of special use will be the next growth engine. (Source: news,foodmate.net)

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