According to a report released recently by China’s health information and medical big data committee, 93% of interviewees chose “positive health management” over ” advanced medical equipment, technology and treatment”.

More and more Chinese consumers start to pay attention to daily health maintenance, which made health food more popular than before. Last year, the sales value of health food reached 256 billion yuan last year. According to another survey conducted by China’s Consumer Association, the Chinese consumers prefer foreign brands than domestic ones. 71% of the interviewees said they chose foreign brands over domestic ones.

About 40% of interviewees said that they spent at least 300 yuan each month on buying health food. Only 12% of the interviewee said they don’t use health food. Nearly 50% of the interviewees said they bought vitamin products, and over 46% of the interviewees said they bought nutrition supplements.

Australian brands including Swisse and Blackmores are well-embraced by local consumers, according to the report. (Source:

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