China might take the lead in adopting digital medical services and diagnosis due to the rapid embrace of smartphones and other connected devices, an industry watcher has pointed out.

Chinese customers who are early adopters of digital payment and smart devices might be a catalyst for the country’s digital health care services, Pamela Spence, Ernst & Young’s global life sciences industry leader, said in an interview with Shanghai Daily.

“Chinese patients have a big appetite for research about doctors and medical services, and in the future a lot of medical services and the diagnosis process will be carried out on mobile devices,” she said.

The digital health care market is predicted to expand by a 25.9 percent compound annual rate through 2024 to US$379 billion, according to Global Market Insights, and China is already leading the world in adoption of connected health devices.

The mobile health care industry could grow more than 35 percent annually to surpass US$200 billion by 2024.

“The speed of adoption for digital services as well as the willingness to embrace digital technology in China is also higher than in other places in the world, which would be a big advantage of China,” Spence said. (Source: Shanghai Daily)

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