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Omega-3s for an optimal pet diet

Omega-3s are among the most researched nutrients. They have demonstrated several health benefits for pets, including healthy organs, skin and fur. Just like humans, pets have only a limited ability to produce omega-3s. That’s why these essential fatty acids must be included in pet diets, for a long and healthy lifespan.

Natural anti-inflammatory nutrients for pets

Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory nutrients that can help balance the body’s level of inflammation. Dogs, in particular, suffer from chronic inflammation, which may lead to several health problems. By adding the right amount of omega-3s to a pet’s diet, inflammation levels can be better regulated. When the body’s inflammation level is balanced, distress and disease risk is reduced.

QRILL Pet proven to reduce inflammation

In a recent study, QRILL Pet was added to the diet of athletic Alaskan Huskies for five weeks prior to the start of the famous 1 000 mile Iditarod endurance race in 2016. Dogs that had QRILL Pet included in their diet (at 8%), exhibited less muscle damage and inflammation at the end of the race, compared to the control group of Huskies.

Watch a Short Video on Aker BioMarine’s Qrill for Pets

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