At a recent health industry seminar, Bian Zhenjia, chief of China Nutrition and Health Food Association, said that the value of China’s health food market reached 400 billion yuan (60.2 billion USD).

Thanks to the increasing demand for health improvement, the demand for health food is also increasing. Recent numbers show that about 2500 companies in China have gained official approval for health food improvement, with over 16000 health products obtained registration certificate.

Chen Baohua, chief of Shanghai’s health food industry association, said at the seminar that the local health industry has been evolving since 1987 and has brought huge impact to the local society and people’s health.

Mr. Chen said nutrient is the kind of health food “with Chinese characteristics. “In the past two decades, nutrients have been well embraced by the local consumers in China, with great market potential,” said Mr. Chen. (Source:

Clarification to the Above: Health Food Products is a much broader category than what are considered dietary supplements in other parts of the world. For example, there are some yogurts, red bull and alcoholic beverages infused with TCM herbs all considered in this category.

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