Ministry of Finance

As approved by the State Council, China will adjust import tax for some consumer goods, which will take effect since December, 1, 2017.

As requested by the State Council, the import tax for a certain consumer goods, including garment, bags, shoes, food and medicines have been reduced gradually since 2015, which aims to better meet the demand of consumers, and increase import of goods that are closely related to people’s life.

Based on the previous tax reduction, this round of import tax reduction covers food, health food, medicines, daily chemical products, garment and shoes, electronic appliances, entertainment and daily commodities. This covers 187 8-digit tariffed products. The average tax rate will drop from 17.3% to 7.7%.

With the development of social economy, advancement of technology and the demographic changes, people’s consumption demand is upgrading. This round of tax reduction aims to provide quality goods and products with specialty for local consumers, and lead the domestic supply to transform and upgrade.

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Source: China’s Ministry of Finance

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