The 6th China Seven-Star Award was unveiled on June 30 in Beijing as the 2017 National Food Safety Publicity Week kicked off.

The award honored 22 enterprises in the field of food production, catering and food retail. The award categories included food safety, management and quality control and practice. The top award, Star of Excellence, went to McDonald’s (China) Co Ltd.

One of the most authoritative food safety recognition programs in China, the Seven-Star Award is put on by the Seven Star Convention Alliance, which is founded by Ecolab, a US company that provides cleaning and disinfection services for the catering industry, and China Business News. The Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology and the China Chain Store and Franchise Association also backed the alliance.

The Seven Star Alliance aims to maximize corporate social responsibility and improve standards within the food industry. Representatives from the government, industry associations and enterprises attended the ceremony and shared and exchanged best practices in food safety.

“With the rapid evolution of the industry, food safety management has become a complicated cause that requires the concerted effort of the government, companies, industry associations and consumers,” said Yan Jiangying, the director general of the Information and Publicity Department of the China Food and Drug Administration. “Only through social governance can we ensure food safety and build public confidence.”

The concept of Internet+ food safety was also discussed at the event. Internet+ development not only creates new business models, such as fresh food, e-commerce and online food ordering, it also places new more stringent requirements on food companies who need to proactively introduce innovative technologies to ensure food safety and meet consumers’ pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Tim Wang, the executive vice president and president of Greater China for Ecolab Inc, said during the event that the supply-side reform of China’s food industry has just started.

“It explains why we have ‘Supply-side Innovation for Health’ as the theme of this year. We have seen many of our award-winning and alliance members plan and carry out their own supply-side reform successfully,” he said. (Source: Global Times)

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