Beijing Guo Fu Tai Credit Management Co., Ltd (Beijing Guo Fu Tai Credit Management) and Shi An Cheng Shi Technology Co., Ltd (Shi An Cheng Shi) signed a credit scoring system for food safety into being at China International Electronic Commerce Center on September 14.

Shi An Cheng Shi’s general manager Sun Di and Beijing Guo Fu Tai Credit Management’s general manager Chen Dengli participated in the signing ceremony.

One of the domestic technology companies in food safety, Shi An Cheng Shi focuses on the development of China’s food safety industry. Meanwhile, its new business partner Guo Fu Tai utilizes its advantages in Internet technology and data collection to the develop domestic credit scoring systems for commercial use.

As a key Chinese e-commerce service provider, China International Electronic Commerce Center provides e-government services to the government as well as credit score management and Internet-based value-added services for enterprises.

The partnership will further strengthen the collaboration between the different companies and aid the maintenance of market order and food safety systems in the commercial sector.

According to Sun, the agreement makes way for a credit scoring system along the entire value chain, which would significantly improve food safety at all levels.

“Adopting a scoring system for food-related enterprises can help to improve food safety in a way that maintains market order and best serves the public interest,” Sun said.

“Through deepening the public’s awareness of food safety and scoring food suppliers, the system will enable consumers to pick and choose [who they buy from based on their scores], which in return, improves the food safety standards in the market.”

Representatives and experts at the event all agreed that mobilizing consumers to play an active role in the construction and development of a food safety system is a good concept that benefits the entire Chinese society. (Source: Global Times)

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