The state quality control authority recently released a list of foreign food and cosmetics whose entries into China were denied in August. 784 batches of food and 32 batches of cosmetics were found substandard.

The notice released showed that the 18 kinds of substandard food were from 49 countries or regions. The products were mainly cookies, grains and beverage.

The list includes some of the food that are well embraced by local consumers, including Devondale milk powder. 965 kg Devondale milk powder, which were produced by Murray Goulburn Co-Operative Co.,were found to have passed the expire date, and thus were rejected by the customs in Shanghai.

Also, several batches of Three Peaks, the honey product from New Zealand failed to present qualification certificate, and the Godiva chocolate were also found to have passed the expire date.

The substandard cosmetics were from eight countries or regions. The problems are mainly about labels and qualifications. (Source:

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