A recent seminar on special food registration regulation held at CFDA’s administration hall attracted a lot of industry people. The seminar covered products from infant formula, health food to food of special medical use.

The updated food safety law for the first time clarified the concept of food of special use. The law gave details of registration regulation over infant formula and the adoption of dual-track registration management over health food.

Jia Yaguang, the former deputy chairman of China Healthcare Association, said that the new food safety law is a landmark and addressed the identity issue of health food. The new law has promoted the regulation reform of infant formula.

“China has been the world’s biggest health food ingredient exporter and producer of health food, said Mr. Jia. A developed regulation system over food of special use has been set up in China.

However, given the large number of brutal sales conducts of relevant products in the local market, strengthened regulations are still needed. In recent months, CFDA has step up efforts in inspecting infant formula production and sales. (Source: foodmate.net)

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