In a report recently released by China Consumers’ Rights Association, the number of complaint reports from local consumers to the Association reached 285,992 in the first half this year, with 81% of them being addressed.

Among the reports, 2351 cases were related to health food, which account for 26% of all food-related cases, up from 2016 by 3%. Most of the reports were about the quality of the products and false advertisement.

Last week, nine central government departments including Ministry of Commerce, CFDA, State cyberspace office and Ministry of Public Security co-released a work plan to crack down on fraud and false advertisement in food and health food. This campaign will kick off a strengthened crack down on illegal sales of health food, which marks the strongest move of this kind since 2013.

According to an online search by Shuzheng kangxun, 7 out of 10 most-read news regarding health food found on the local search platforms are about “cheating the senior consumers”. It becomes increasingly common for illegal vendors to launch marketing campaigns that target at elderly consumers.

In a survey conducted by the China Consumers’ Rights Association, consumers are found to be not satisfactory towards the local health food market, and lack for confidence in the market, which pushes them to buy and trust foreign health food brands. (Source: Shuzheng Kangxun)

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