When people talk about Yabao, they would think of its naval pastes. But now, Yaobao has one more star product: CHAKA, a polyfibrous peptides solid drink.  Weight controlling is not its ultimate goal, CHAKA aims to bring changes to you.

The name “CHAKA” comes from a core ingredient of the product: chakasaponins, as introduced by Dr. Xiong Xiaoyun, chief engineer of Yabao Group.  As shown in the experiments with rats, this ingredient can help reduce food intake by affecting the level of RNA and improving the release of 5-HT.

The cause of obesity, as shown by a documentary by BBC, is not only the lack of self-discipline by “fat people”. As shown by a lot of scientific researches, the fundamental cause of obesity is DNA, mental stress, lifestyle and intestinal flora. The innovative way invented by CHAKA is that its ingredients are closely connected with all the causes of obesity.

The AGRP is a kind of DNA that related to appetite. This DNA exists in human brain and ramp up your appetite. The core ingredient of CHAKA helps to positively affect the expression of AGRP to curb the appetite to some extent.

The fast pace of modern life has made people increasingly stressful. Many people are indulged in the “sea of snacks” as a result. To address this issue, alleviating stress is a key way. The core ingredient of CHAKA helps to curb NPY, a key neuropeptide to ramp up appetite and would increase the release of 5-HT, which would help to alleviate stress and make people happy. the other key ingredient in the product, DSIP, also helps in the same way.

Due to the diet structure of people in the modern society, the intake of dietary fiber dropped dramatically, which would cause health problems in intestinal tract. Professor Zhao Liping, biologist in Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that the intestinal flora plays an important role in controlling weight. CHAKA has included a slate of dietary fiber include oat fiber and citrus fiber.

Like what was said at the beginning of the article, CHAKA aims to bring changes to you instead of simply controlling weight. a balanced nutrition and scientific diet are two ultimate goals that CHAKA aims to bring to consumers. As a result, in the nutrition list of CHAKA, we also see a variety of nutritional elements based on the demand for nutrition by human bodies.

There are too many products in the weight controlling industry, but the birth of CHAKA still has drawn a lot of attention, as it integrates creatively a lot of elements including DNA controlling, adjust metabolism and intestinal flora, and affecting dietary structure.

As a key achievement under the weight controlling R&D project by Ministry of Technology, the product has received positive feedback during its 3-year R&D process.  Just like what Dr. Xiong believes in, with the persevering company of CHAKA, everyone will be changed. (Source: www.xinyingyang.com)


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