“Health food industry is regarded as an industry without much credit by many,” said Xu Huafeng, secretary in chief of China Health Care Association, adding advertisements on health food are key target by regulators.

The illegal advertisements of health food are typically harmful, according to Ma Zhongming, chief of inspection of CFDA, especially those which mix the concept of health food with drug. Many of the ads exaggerate the function of health food.

The State Council recently teamed up with nine other government agencies to release a plan of cracking down on illegal marketing campaign and false advertisement of food and health food. The regulators would inspect relevant companies in efforts to spot illegal conduct in the market.

“Recently we have spotted a lot of illegal ads which were not reviewed by CFDA,” said Mr. Ma.” Some agencies even fabricate our stamps on relevant documents. ”

“We aim to put an end to the illegal conducts by improving the legal system,” said Mr. Ma (Source: CFDA)

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