Meng Yuan, an online import health food vendor on, was fined for selling a kind of Q10 product without putting on Chinese logo.

Xie Ke, a customer sued Mr. Meng for selling this kind of products, after he bought 30 bottles of Q10 products imported from Australia from Mr. Meng’s online store. In the verdict by the local court of Chengdu, Mr. Meng was fined for nearly 60,000 yuan for not putting on Chinese logo on his products.

Mr. Xie said that these products were sold without Chinese logo, which violated the country’s food safety law. He cited relevant regulations in the law in the law suit.

“The involved products were sold without Chinese logo so it was difficult for ordinary consumers to know what kind of nutritional elements were in the products,” said Mr. Xie. “It was also difficult to get to know all the other information related to food safety, which made it risky for us to take the health food.” (Source: Chengdu Business News)

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