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On China’s e-commerce platforms, the domestic brands are playing catch-up. Only three Chinese brands made it into the top-ten best selling ranking. Here are two separate rankings for domestic and international brands.

Domestic brands ranking (2015)

By-Health still tops the domestic brand ranking. It has released the online health brand “meiri meijia” and a sports nutrition brand “GymMax”. It also built a membership platform called “nutritionist”. In 2015, By-Health also took several measures to expand the online sales services, including launching a mobile medical app and investing in a popular health app. The company reports show that it expected to reach an annul profit of 603 million to 704 million Yuan last year, up by 20% from a year ago.

International brands ranking (2015)

In the first half of 2015, the “overseas shopping” platforms have boosted the sales of Swisse, making it the best-selling brand of health product online. According to its financial report, the company’s earnings reached 313 million in 2015 from 126 million Australian dollars at the beginning of last year. Sales from Chinese online users and travelers accounted for 50% of the company’s total profits and 30% of its revenue.





Source: Shuzheng

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