NPC Food Safety Law Website

Today the association submitted its comments, suggestions and questions to China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) Legal Committee. USCHPA’s report focused on Articles 65 and 66 of the new Food Safety Law Draft that was circulated for public comment in the beginning of July 2014. These two articles pertain to dietary supplements or as they are termed in the report “Health Food”.

Above picture, shows that USCHPA’s executive director, Jeff Crowther personally signed into NPC’s website and electronically submitted the 26 page report. The association also mailed a hard copy to NPC’s office in Beijing.

Since 2010, USCHPA has been sharing information with both the Chinese and U.S. governments in regard to moving China’s dietary supplement industry towards a more open and transparent system.

The entire report can be viewed here: USCHPA COMMENTS TO NPC 2014-07-28

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