OGDEN, UTAH—Trace Minerals Research (TMR), a leading provider of trace mineral based supplements for over 40 years, announces that Utah Sea Minerals™ has been reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and is allowed for use in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the United States Division of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) Rule. Having a product OMRI Listed® is important for TMR’s continued success as it markets its bulk ingredients to the food and beverage industry.

“Adding Utah Sea Minerals™ to our offering of OMRI Listed® products is another huge step for us,” said James Crawford, Bulk Sales Manager for TMR. “Now that Utah Sea Minerals™ is OMRI Listed®, we have two ingredients we can offer manufacturers that they can use to fortify and enhance their organic products. Each complex is unique in its own way, but the benefit is that they both contain an all-natural mineral profile of over 72 ionic trace minerals that have been harvested from the Great Salt Lake.”

The uniqueness Crawford referred to applies to both Utah Sea Minerals™ and ConcenTrace®. ConcenTrace has been OMRI Listed® since 2012 and is very similar to Utah Sea Minerals™. The basic difference is Utah Sea Minerals is simply seawater from the Great Salt Lake that is naturally higher in sodium. Conversely, ConcenTrace® is seawater that has gone through a proprietary concentration process that causes the sodium to “fall out” so it’s 99.5 percent sodium free and more concentrated than Utah Sea Minerals™. Crawford added that the main reason TMR wanted to add Utah Sea Minerals™ to its OMRI Listed® offerings was because many manufacturers requested a higher sodium trace mineral complex.

In order to get both Utah Sea Minerals™ OMRI Listed®, TMR submitted product information to OMRI, including all ingredients and manufacturing processes. OMRI specialists reviewed the formula according to strict procedures and guidelines to determine compliance with NOP standards. Once a product is OMRI Listed®, farmers, processors, certifiers and home gardeners trust that it is allowed in USDA certified organic operations.

TMR chose OMRI because of its more than 2,500 listed products, 14 years of experience, and proven, ISO-accredited review procedures and because organic certifiers routinely reference the OMRI Products List to ensure that the ingredients they’re using are compliant with organic regulations.

Utah Sea Minerals™ is Non-GMO Project® Verified, certified vegan, gluten free, Kosher and Halal. For manufacturers, bulk pricing is available upon request by calling 800-624-7145 or emailing James Crawford at Utah Sea Minerals™ is also available in natural and specialty health food stores throughout the country and carries an MSRP of $11.39 for a 16 ounce, 48-serving bottle and $61.79 for a one gallon, 384-serving jug.

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