Association executive director Jeff Crowther was invited by the Chinese Medicine Association and the Longxi government to give a presentation and meet with herbal product industry leaders. This is the second year Crowther has attended, which he noted this year the conference was much larger  than the previous year.

Longxi is in Gansu province located in western China. The herbal business makes up a large part of this area’s economy as Longxi is home to the second largest wholesale area for traditional herbal raw materials in China.

During the event, Crowther met with a variety of Chinese industry leaders and government officials. The consensus among them is to increase more direct relationships with their foreign customers. Currently, most of their raw materials make it to the U.S. and the E.U. via a web of domestic and foreign brokers. Business owners expressed great interest in finding more direct business in foreign markets particularly in the U.S.

With that said, foreign manufacturers looking to gain more direct access to these suppliers thus shrinking their  supply chain,  are more than welcome to contact the association. We can help to find the right herbal products such as goji berry, cordyceps, dang gui, licorice, etc, with the right price and good quality.

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