The US – China HPA has been invited to co-sponsor this event. Association executive director Jeff Crowther with give a presentation on the US dietary supplement industry making contrasts to the current dietary supplement regulations in China offering suggestions for a more open and transparent system, which will benefit consumers, industry and government.

Conference Introduction

In recent years, China’s functional food market has been developing rapidly, but there are still a number of issues to be resolved. With a new administration in place, China is keen on reorganizing government departments and streamlining regulations. In order to strengthen functional food safety, the related departments are working with industry leaders and experts to revise regulations, which will be more effective and suitable for the Chinese market.

With the expanding economy, people are paying more attention to health and wellness. It is reported that the growth rate of nutritious and functional foods is 27.8% per year, out pacing the global norm. Dietary supplements saw the highest growth rate among the nutritious and functional foods products, reaching 77.8%.

It is against this background that this conference has been launched. It will provide an effective platform on which participants will familiarize themselves with the latest Chinese policies and regulations for the functional food industry, encouraging communication between delegates and regulatory departments, therefore promoting better understanding of Chinese functional food trends. Furthermore, speakers from Chinese central government and world leading functional food enterprises will share their precious viewpoints and experience on the Chinese functional food industry.

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