Missoula, MT (April 25, 2013) – Joe Zhou, TSI Group Ltd. co-founding partner and CEO, based in Shanghai, China, has announced the company has launched its TSI China website at www.TSIChina.com.

The website, presented in the Chinese Simplified Han language, highlights how TSI China is strategically positioned to serve customers looking to purchase their proprietary Pureflex® family of pharmaceutical and supplement grade glucosamine and chondroitin ingredients, GlucosaGreen™ line of vegan glucosamine ingredients, Ostivone® ipriflavone bone health ingredient, Ginkgo 24/6/5™ line of gingko biloba ingredients, Opteava™ line of green tea ingredients as well as Promilin®, a bioactive complex of amino acids, and other ingredients manufactured by TSI facilities in China

As part of their expanded business strategy, TSI China will also be the exclusive distributor for Cargill’s Regenasure® non-shellfish glucosamine and Metabolic Technology, Inc.’s HMB Calcium in the China market. TSI China services also include partnering with companies seeking assistance in registering and selling their functional ingredients into the China market, or for companies looking to partner with distributors for their products in China or for companies looking to locate a reliable Asian manufacturing partner to produce products for brands entering the emerging Chinese market.

“TSI China offers a state-of-the-art quality and analytical quality control infrastructure, as well as strategic sourcing, three ingredient manufacturing facilities and several finished dose manufacturing facilities under their services umbrella. We provide a well-established manufacturing base offering customers immediate access to a reliable partner for total supply chain management,” stated Zhou.

Centered on the success of its customers, TSI’s streamlined manufacturing and innovation model provides substantial support and growth opportunities for the company and its customers.

“We have invested heavily in the development of innovative products and established strategic collaborations that will develop market changing products for our global customers,” added Zhou.

According to Zhou, the future of dietary supplement manufacturing in China is very optimistic for the several reasons.

“China has become one of the major supplement markets in the world and many of the foremost global brands are here, having brought quality culture with them,” Zhou said. “These well-established companies will increase Chinese manufacturers’ understanding of quality aspects of supplement manufacturing,” notes Zhou.

TSI Group Ltd. is a Hong Kong registered global researcher, developer and manufacturer of ingredients and finished products with offices in the U.S., EU, Australia, Japan, and China. The North American division (www.TSIInc.com), under the direction of Larry Kolb, is based in Missoula, MT.

TSI Pharmaceuticals of Australia, a manufacturer of finished dose products for Australia and Southeast Asia, was acquired during the 2012 TSI rebranding and expansion program.

TSI Pharmaceuticals supplies and packages an extensive range of non-scheduled, complementary, listed and registered products in a range of formats from uncoated or coated tablets to softgels and hard two-piece gelatin and vegetarian capsules of all sizes.

For more information contact Larry Kolb, TSI USA, at 406.549.9123 or via email at LKolb@TSIinc.com and Kevin Le in China at +86.21.64050900 or via email at KevinLe@TSIChina.com.


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