The below chart was created by the association using SFDA’s data on domestic and foreign blue hat registrations per SKU from 1996 – 2012. As you’ll notice, there have been up and downs over the years in the total number of registrations. At the end of 2012, the association met with SFDA and they made it clear they were looking to decrease the total number of registrations given out for both domestic and foreign companies. Their target is somewhere around 300.

SFDA is also draft regulations to decrease the number of health claims that can be made from 27 to 18. This health claim system is already troublesome and force companies to attempt to fit their products into a claim even if that claim doesn’t accurately represent the products known efficacy. Case in point is Glucosamine and Chondroitin based products. Since there isn’t a “Joint Health” claim, companies typically fit it into the bone density or increase immune system claims. Although both these claims are important and sought after by many people, there are other products that should be chosen if the consumer’s goal is to protect their bone density or immune system.

There is also draft recommendations by SFDA to create a notification system that would not require the 2-3 year registration process that costs upwards of $50k per SKU. Notification is something the association as well as industry as been encouraging for quite some time. This would be a great step forward. However at this point, the plan is only targeting single ingredient products. For example, individual minerals and letter vitamins would be the ones to enjoy this new regulation if passed. However,  if a product had Vitamin C and a couple other ingredients, it would have to go through the current registration process of 2-3 years and $50k plus in registration and agent fees.

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