Nanshan Milk Powder Tainted with Carcinogen Substance

Guangzhou Industrial and Commerce bureau announced the latest testing results of dairy product on its official website. Famous brands such as Bright Dairy, Nanshan milk powder, and Native Shawan Ginger Bump Milk are on the “blacklist”.

It is second time in Quarter 2 that Guangzhou, a big city of south China conducted sample testing on milk product and milk food. There were altogether 1,231 batches of product tested in this round and the pass rate was 97.81%.

Among these brands, the most serious samples came from Nanshan milk powder, a brand under Hunan AVA Dairy Co. All the five batches of Nanshan infant milk powder were found tainted with aflatoxins, a highly toxic and cancer-inducing material, which causes severe liver damage and/or cancer.

As for the reasons, the food safety commission of Hunan Changsha, together with the local quality supervision body had undertaken investigation on the spot. Preliminary results indicated that contamination was caused by the intake of unhealthy feed by milk cows. The detailed information as to the origin of the feed is still under investigation.

Up to date, all the five batches are off the shelf in markets. Reportedly, Nanshan company stated on its official website that it had recalled all the products and made apologies to those affected by this incident.

The industrial and commerce bureau of Guangzhou said it would take severe punitive measures due to the seriousness of the issue.

Leading dairy producer Mengniu was exposed to having excessive aflatoxin in its milk products in December 2011. The news pulled Mengniu’s shares down 26 percent to the lowest level in two years and is believed to have dragged down the shares of other industry players like Yili and Bright Dairy.

(Source: USCHPA)

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