The U.S.-China Health Products Association (USCHPA) is pleased to welcome Natural Plant Products (NPP) to the association’s board of directors. Their experience as a global supplier of oil based ingredients to the personnel care industry will certainly add to the overall development and scope of the association’s mission.


NPP has focused on vegetable oils with novel triglycerides, functionality and distinctive skin feel for over twenty years. NPP is the manufacturing and marketing subsidiary of OMG, a cooperative of over 50 multi-generational farms in the Williamette Valley region of Oregon. They are committed to delivering these unique, high quality and supply-assured oils from their member farms to the global personnel care industry.

In 1999, the vertical integration of the meadowfoam industry is completed when Natural Plant Products assumes complete responsibility for worldwide sales and distribution of Meadowfoam Seed Oil. NPP now works directly with distributors and customers to continue the development of market share for Meadowfoam Seed Oil in the cosmetics and personal care industries.

In 2011, Natural Plant Products launches Daikon Radish Oil, a novel triglyceride material derived from radish seeds and grown by the same cooperative of farmers that commercialized Meadowfoam Seed Oil. For more information on NPP visit their website at:

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