Below the association has posted translated versions of the latest regulations issued by China’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) formerly Ministry of Health (MOH), Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) and other related government agencies.

In 2018, all the above agencies have been cancelled, renamed or absorbed. A new agency called State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) was created to oversee many aspects of China’s market including, Food, Health Food, E-commerce, Consumer Safety, Inspection, Market Supervision and many other areas. There is an exhaustive list of responsibilities listed on their homepage in Chinese HERE.

CFDA is now known as China Drug Administration (CDA) and is no longer responsible for Food or Health Food (Dietary Supplements).

NHFPC is now known as National Health Commission (NHC). The Family Planning Department was cancelled.

AQSIQ has been absorbed by SAMR

China Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) is now SAMR

China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) is now part of General Administration of Customs (GAC)

To view the latest regulatory updates, click on the links below:

2021-02-20 Dosage Forms and Technical Requirements of Health Food Recording (Filing) Products

2021-02-01 Dosage Forms and Technical Requirements for Recording 5 Health Food Ingredients Including CoQ10

2020-11-24 Updated Health Functional Claims for Health Food Products

2020-8-28 Announcement on Publicly Soliciting Opinions on the Inclusion of Gummy and Powder in the Health Food Recording (Exposure Draft)

2020-07-23 Main Points of Review of Health Food Functions and Formula Literatures (Exposure Draft)

2019-11-29 List of Health Food Functions that are Allowed to be Claimed

2019-10-31 Implementation Rules for the Food Safety Law

2019-03-28 Announcement on Soliciting Opinions on Adjusting Health Food Functions and Appendix 1-3

2018-12-26 SMAR Announcement of Further Strengthening Management of Health Food Telephone Marketing

2018-09-11 Notification of the Implementation of the E-commerce Law

2018-08-31 E-commerce Law of the People’s Republic of China

2018-07-04 Decision on Invalidating the Third Batch of Documents

2018-03-26 Notification of Health Food Recording Guide (Trial)

2017-12-29 Revision to “Measures for the Registration and Filling of Health Food” (Draft)

2017-12-25 Registration and Approval Guide for Health Products(Except Vitamins or Minerals) Using New Ingredients or Imported to China for the First Time

2017-12-19 Measures for Supervision and Administration of Labeling of Imported & Exported Pre-packaged Food

2017-11-22 Notice of Adjustment of the Transitional Period of Registration Management of Foods for Special Medical Purpose

2017-11-08 Check points of health foods label

2017-05-02 Health Food Recording Guideline (Trial)

2017-04-28 Manufacture Techniques of Recorded Health Food (Trial)

2017-04-28 List of Auxiliary Materials for Health Food Filing and Terms of Use (Trial)

2017-02-07 Health Food Recording Rules (Exposure Draft)

2017-01-12 Health Food Raw Material List (Part 1)

2017-01-12 Health Function List Which Allow Health Food to Claim (Part 1)

2016-12-23 Health Food Registration Application Service Guideline (Imported Products)

2016-12-20 China Special Food International Conference

2016-11-17 Health Food Registration Review Rules

2016-05-30 Excipient List for Health Food Recording System (Part 1)

2016-03-24 Cross border e-commerce retail sales import tax policy 

2016-03-07 Measures for the Registration and Administration of Formulas for Special Medical Purpose 

2016-03-04 Measures for the Registration and Recording of Health Food

2016-02-14 Raw Material List for Health Food Part 1 

2015-12-09 Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations (Draft)

2015-11-13 Sports Nutrition Standard GB 24154-2015

2015-10-13 Regulations for the Safety Supervision and Administration of Cross-Border E-commerce of Imported Food via Bonded Online Shopping (Draft)

2015-10-12 Measures for the Registration and Administration of Formulas for Special Medical Purposes (Draft)

2015-07-28 Administrative Measures for Registration and Filing of Health Foods (Draft)

2015-07-28 Administrative Measures on Health Food Labeling (Draft)

2015-07-28 Administrative Measures on Health Food Raw Material Directory and Health (Draft)

2015-04-24 Food Safety Law Articles Associated with Dietary Supplements (Health Products) 

2014-12-24 National Food Safety Standard – Health Food GB 16740-2014

2014-11-26 USCHPA’s Report to China FDA on its Draft Regulations for Nutritional Supplements

2014-11-05 China FDA Nutritional Supplement Draft Regulations

2014-10-29 CFDA Food Safety Draft Regulations

2014-07-03 China’s Food Safety Law Draft Released for Public Comment (Articles 65 and 66)

2014-05-23 Export Potential Report (U.S. Supplements to China) 

2014-04-03 USCHPA White Paper:  China’s Dietary Supplement Sector and Key Issues

2014-01 Catalog of Used Cosmetic Ingredients

2014 CFDA “Plans for Dietary Supplement Regulations” and “Managing Regulation of Instruction Book and Label of Health Food” 

2013-11-11 CFDA Re-registration of Health Food Products Draft

2012-03-22 Registration Management Rules for Overseas Food Companies

2012-03-15 More Regulation on Health Food Raw Materials  

2012-03-12 License Management Approach for Cosmetics Manufacturers 

2012-02-27 Label Inspection Rules for Import and Export Prepackaged Food

2011 SFDA Regulatory Updates: End of Year

2011 Export Food Production Safety and Health Requirements

2002 Ministry of Health – TCM Herbs Approved Uses

Health Food Products 27 Functional Claims


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