September 28, 2011 (Beijing) – The Association was incorporated in July 2010 and in just over one year has attracted some of the industry’s top companies as members. Jarrow Formulas and NSF were the first to lend support as founding members followed by Ten Ren Biotech, Nutritional Outlook Magazine and World Health Store.

The association is proud to announce that Unigen, Lonza and Martek/DSM are the latest companies to join the association. These three companies represent industry ingredient leaders that all have great interest in seeing China’s natural health products industry continue to grow and develop.

The association together with its members and U.S. International Trade Administration are encouraging China’s natural health product industry to continue to move towards a more open and transparent system, which will enable China to eventually become the largest market for finished natural health products in the world. For this to take place, the association sees this as a four step domino effect process in that each step encourages the next to take place.

1. Regulatory Reform

2. Investment ( R&D, Manufacturing and Retail)

3. Growth of Health Food Store Channel

4. Spread of Education to Consumers (Increased Demand)

Once these four steps above begin, the world will see China begin to climb the ranks quickly to over take Japan and EU natural health product markets and finally the U.S. market. The need and consumer base is already available. China is just lacking wide spread education, sales channels and investment all of which ride on the fact that the regulatory system and the reality of the market are not reasonable nor do they reflect each other.

For information on supporting the association and its mission, please contact the association at: 



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