Hong Kong August 25, 2011 – The Association was invited by New Hope Media to give a presentation on China’s developing dietary supplement industry. Jeff Crowther the association’s executive director gave and hour long presentation entitled, “Understanding China’s Dietary Supplement Industry”.

The presentation was well attended by over 70 people and covered a broad range of topics designed to give the attendees a better understanding of the market’s potential, regulatory environment and sales channels. Jeff also gave some valuable on the ground insight into what to watch out for when searching for partners in China.

Also Jeff explained the new draft regulations that were recently released by China’s State Food and Drug Administration in regard to changing their policy to acceptable claims. SFDA has decreased the amount of claims from 27 to 18. A clear sign that the agency is going to begin cracking down on the industry. They have also added human trials to the already strict registration process as well as requiring stronger scientific evidence when attempting to register products.

For more information on China’s regulations and the association, CLICK HERE.

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