The association’s executive director Jeff Crowther has been invited to speak at the FiA Expo on June 21, 2011. He will be giving an introduction to the U.S. market and regulatory environment to mainly Chinese ingredient and finished product suppliers. This event gives the association an opportunity to introduce the size and strengthen of the U.S. dietary supplement industry while at the same time contrasting it to the current system in China. By doing this, Crowther makes clear areas which China could borrow from the U.S., which would encourage the further development and transparency of China’s dietary supplement industry.

As part of the Health Ingredient and Natural Ingredient Expo, the organizers (UBM) have added a dietary supplement finished products aspect to the overall expo called Nutraceutical Products China. This is an important step in creating a well rounded show for China’s developing finished products industry. As nutraceuticals or dietary supplements are becoming more and more popular among consumers, this show in conjunction with similar expos across China will help broaden opportunities for manufacturers looking to enter the China market.

After decades of being the leader in providing ingredients to the dietary supplement industry, China is slowly transitioning into a destination for finished products as well. It is estimated that in the near future that China will become the largest market for finished products in the world. However, with the current regulations in place, it will be difficult for China to actually achieve this. Regulatory hurdles are just too high for most companies and are stifling inovation and investment. So what I like to say is, China has huge “potential” to become the biggest market as long as regulations move toward a more open system of notification similar to that which is enjoyed in the U.S. Since 2009, China’s State Food and Drug Administration has been in the process of re-evaluating its current regulations with aims of strengthening control over the industry while at the same time streamlining the registration process.

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