April 28, 2011 Beijing, China – The association’s executive director Jeff Crowther was invited by China’s Ministry of Commerce and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) to give a presentation on the United States’ regulatory and market environment for dietary supplements focusing on herbal products. The event was attended by hundreds of business leaders and government agencies looking to learn more about opportunities for China’s booming herbal business in the U.S. the “Outbound Investment Conference” also involved many other industries looking for foreign investment and partnerships.

In his role as the association representative and director in China, Crowther attends many such events to bring Chinese government and industry’s attention to the American regulatory system for dietary supplements, which supports one of the association’s long term goals of encouraging the continued development of China’s dietary supplement industry through the sharing of information. Meetings like this also serve to build the association’s ever expanding relationships with top government and industry leaders. Relationships are key in this market if you want to get a head and understand the under lying belly of the market and its habits.

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