December 2, 2010 Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province China

U.S.-China Health Products Association’s Executive Director Jeff Crowther gave a presentation to over 500 suppliers and industry representatives at the “China Vitamin Industrial Summit 2010”. Crowther discussed the U.S. dietary supplement regulatory and market environment as well as discussed the importance of supply chain safety and China’s role as an emerging destination for finished dietary supplements. He also pointed out that China’s potential as a leading market for finished products is being sidelined by overly strict regulations that are in need of reform. The legislative hurdles placed on the dietary supplement industry are just to high, which in the end hurts not only the industry, but the consumers. With current regulations, consumers are left with few choices and categories in regard to dietary supplements. The U.S.-China Health Products Association is working with both government and industry to encourage the passing of more open regulations that will allow China’s dietary supplement industry to further develop and give consumers greater access to dietary supplement, which will improve their overall health and wellbeing.

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