October 27, 2010 Hefei, Anhui Province China

U.S.-China Health Products Association’s Executive Director Jeff Crowther gave a lecture to over 200 people at the “Vitamin Industry Innovation and Development Summit 2010 sponsored by China’s Ministry of Commerce Chamber of Pharmaceuticals and Natural Products. Crowther discussed the importance of quality assurance programs to safe guard the global supply chain. He also discussed China’s importance as the global leader of ingredients and raw materials and the responsibility that goes along with that position. He also highlighted China’s potential to become the leading destination for foreign and domestic finished dietary supplement products. However, the current state of China’s regulations for dietary supplements pose some of the highest hurdles to overcome of any market. Crowther gave an outline of improvements that would put China’s dietary supplement industry on the right track as well as showcased the benefits to regulatory reform for government, industry and consumers.

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