Regulatory Advocacy: cooperating with both the U.S. and Chinese governments to work toward a more transparent and open regulatory system in the People’s Republic of China for the registration, promotion and sale of the association’s member’s health products and services. Initiatives will also focus on promoting the development of well established health product’s sales channels such as retail (health food stores and mass market), direct (MLM), internet, practitioner and mail order.

Increased Exports: through the association’s member benefits such as partner search, product import registrations/approvals, trademark/domain name registration as well as trade show promotion, the association will be helping its members increase exports to China.

Market Intelligence: generate up to date reports on the regulatory and market environments of the U.S. and China for distribution to the association’s membership.

Articles for Publication: produce an ongoing supply of articles on different areas of interest about China’s developing overall natural health products industry for publication in U.S. based publications.

Trade Shows: visit trade shows/expositions/seminars held in the U.S. and/or China to promote the association’s initiatives and members products as well as gain valuable information and potential business leads, which will further the association’s initiatives.  

Partnership: make strategic partnerships with a variety of U.S. and Chinese organizations and government agencies, in order to accomplish the association’s initiatives as stated in this section and to convey the association’s mission of promoting and improving industry development.

Web Communication: for the purpose of marketing the association’s services, posting market reports and other educational materials as well as posting any and all pertinent information that will benefit the industry and its members. The association has two domain names one published in English and the other in Chinese. 

Education: provide educational information, documents and seminars to industry and government leaders as well as the general public.

Quality Assurance: protecting our consumers by working to ensure ingredients and finished products throughout the supply chain are safe. This initiative is accomplished by the association’s cooperation with a variety of government and private sector entities. Offerings include cGMP certification for Chinese manufacturers, supplier verification services as well as seminars / conferences aimed at increasing the overall safety and quality of ingredients and finished products being exported out of China.

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