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Sports nutrition has a very promising future in China. However, we as an industry need to work more closely together in order to educate, share and assist in guiding the industry toward its true potential. The fitness and exercise industry is growing exponentially. However, the sports nutrition side of the business is slow to grow due to the regulatory environment as well as consumer’s lack of product knowledge. Below are some industry figures:

China’s Sports Nutrition Figures

2015 Market Size:             $74 million
2015 Growth Rate:            14% (slowing from 2012 growth rate of 19%)

China’s Premiere Fitness Industry Expo – FIBO China 

2014 1st Inaugural:              4,238 visitors
2015 2nd Annual:                 10,827 visitors (155% increase)

China Fitness Industry

2015 Market Size:              $20+ billion
2015 Growth Rate:             30% compared with global average of 20%

China’s Fitness Apps

2015 Growth:                      128% (2nd overall growth category)

With the above in mind, the U.S.-China Health Products Association has organized the “China International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit 2016” in Shanghai, China. The summit is bringing together global and domestic industry leaders to share, learn and network.

Here are Some of the Companies that are Attending (alphabetical order):

3hFit, A&Z Pharma, Alibaba, AlzChem (CreaPure), Arla Foods, Asia-Fit Consulting, Aussie Bodies, Balance Sports Nutrition, Blackmore’s, BodyPlus International, Bodytrim, BSN, Catalent, China Chamber of Commerce, China Gate Consulting, Dymatize, Euromonitor, Export NOW, FIBO China, Fonterra, Ganeden, Glanbia, GNC, Haleo, Informa, InnoBio, InterHealth, KD-Pharma, Lallemand, Meng Niu Dairy, Musashi, Muscle Milk, Muscle Tech, New Hope Network, New Nutrition, NSF International, NutraIngredients, Optimum Nutrition, Reach24, Shanghai Pharma, Swisse, TSI Group, VitaCo, VPX, WHS and others are in the process of signing up.


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